Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Give Natural Look to Your Hairs Will Real Human Hair Extensions

The time had passed when the market used to be flooded with synthetic products and substitutes for hair to add volume and length to natural human hair. While these products did add volume to thin hair, they were not all that long lasting and had the risk of being found out because of their tell-tale difference. Recently, there are hair extensions available in the market which are made out of real human hair collected ethically or through donations. If you are harrowed by the thought of which product to choose to get that voluminous tress, give a natural look to your hair with real human hair extensions.

The first fact about real human hair extensions in UK is that they are made from real hair – meaning that they will blend in well with your hair. There will not be that synthetic-y look or feel about them. Better yet, if you find the perfect match, you will be unable to pinpoint any difference between which part of your hair is your own and which is not!

The second fact is that real human hair is comparatively easy to care for than synthetic hair. Synthetics usually demand that extra mile to look their best. You may need to use specific haircare products that may end up damaging your natural hair. However, with real hair, you can use any hair care products that suit you.

The third fact is styling. It would be a pity to get in synthetic hair extensions and not be able to style them as you like, for fear of them getting damaged. On the contrary, real human hair can style in any way without a string of doubt.

All that natural look, style and care is within your reach: grab real hair extensions today!

Three Easy Steps to Choose the Right Hair Extension Aftercare Kit

Getting hair extensions in your hair is a big decision. It means transforming your looks into something completely new and fresh. You have been dreaming of long hair for quite a while now, and now that you finally have it, you are wondering how to care for it properly. While you may already know what caring for longer hair requires, it would not hurt to know about the exact measures you need to take for your newly acquired locks. Here is a blog elaborating three easy steps to choose the right hair extension aftercare kit.

Step 1: Type of hair extensions

The hair extension aftercare kit you are supposed to purchase depends on whether the hair installed is natural, human hair or synthetic hair. Haircare products depend on this factor; therefore, it is necessary to make sure of the material in the hair extensions first.

Step #2: Your natural hair

Caring for hair extensions does not mean that you ignore the needs of your natural hair completely. The aftercare kit for hair extensions comes in quite a wide variety – being made from different kinds of oils and essences. Which one suits your hair the best? This ought to narrow down your search for the best hair care for your extensions.

Step #3: Your hair type

Is your hair dry? Is it rough? Is it thick? It is essential to look for an aftercare kit that includes products which help you care for your natural hair. You may need to buy a hair extension aftercare kit which contains conditioners and hair treatment serums. Make sure you check this box before making the purchase.

Follow the steps listed above to make sure you buy the right hair extension aftercare kit!

Friday, 1 December 2017


If you are looking to add a little volume or length to your hair, clip-in Remy hair extensions are the perfect way to get instant results without having to make a commitment as huge as permanent hair bonding. These extensions are pretty easy to maintain and can even be put in place the DIY way – meaning that you can create just about any style you want with your hair without having to visit the salon even once! Wish to know more? Here is how you can put on clip-in Remy hair extensions on your own:

Step#1: Before you begin the process of placing your clip in Remy hair extensions, practice opening and closing them a few times so that you are well aware of the pressure you need to apply with your thumb to secure them in position.

Step#2: Start by dividing your hair in two with a clean horizontal line just a few inches above your neck. You can use a tail comb or your index finger for the purpose. Secure the upper section of your hair with a claw clip or hair tie.

Step#3: Check and ensure that all the clips in each weft of the extensions you are clipping in are in an open position.

Step#4: Start with the middle weft first. Slide the comb on the weft into your natural hair slowly and snap the extension shut. Repeat the same process as you move outwards on the extension on the left and right ride.

Step#5: Check to ensure that the weft lies flat on your scalp and is properly secured in place in your hair. You can ask a friend to properly inspect your clip in at this point.

Step#6: Loosen the hair you had tied above and make a horizontal division again about an inch above the first extension you placed in and repeat the process. Keep moving above on your head and attach wefts in place.

Step#7: Make a horizontal part above your ears to attach the side pieces in the same manner.

Step#8: Use a mirror or as a friend to inspect your installations to check if any wefts are showing

THAT’s how easy it is to put on clip in Remy hair extensions. Try it today!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Clip-in Remy hair extensions are truly the perfect way to achieve effortless volume and length in your hair without having to compromise on look and feel. Because they are made of Remy hair, you will get the same texture and aesthetics from the extensions like your natural locks and the clip-in feature makes them easy to install and remove. But what about styling? Do you always have to wear your hair down with these extensions or is there a way to style them in different up-dos? Here are 3 believable hair styles that you can pull off with clip-in Remy hair extensions that wouldn’t let it show that there is anything not-natural about your locks.

The half-up style

Start by layering your hair into three or four sections. Secure all the layers in place and start placing the clip-in extensions with two clips on them. Let one layer of your natural hair down and repeat the process with third clip of clip-in extensions. Let another layer down and place the four clip extensions in your hair. Now with the remaining layer of hair, start braiding your locks from both sides to meet in the centre. Try and position the braid in a way that it covers the roots of your clip-in extensions. And voila, you have the perfect half-up hair-do!

The side braids

Start by diving off a layer of your hair above your ear on the left side. Place two single clip extensions here in a slightly off-centre position. Let your hair down and divide off a new layer to place another set of single clip extensions. Divide off another layer and repeat the process again. Now sweep all your tresses, natural and extension, to your left side and create a beautiful, full and fluffy braid for you to rock with your new dress!

The pony tails

Who doesn’t love a voluminous pony tail on their head? Just brush up your hair to the place where you wish to tie up your ponytail. Slide your fingers in your hair above that location and place two single clip extensions. Divide off another layer just above the previous location and place another pair of single clips. Repeat the process a third time, working your way up towards your forehead. Now brush your hair back and tie them up in a fluffy ponytail, just below the place where you placed your first extension set.

What do you think - Isn’t it easy to style up your beautiful hair with clip-in Remy hair extensions?

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


One of the biggest issues that one could face in the process of buying nail tip hair extensions is differentiating between the real and fake ones. After all, you don’t want to spend all that money on a set of synthetic Barbie hair that will (a) look completely out of place with your natural locks and (b) will be impossible to style in different hairdos. The market for nail tip human hair extensions is quite full with cheap products and fake sellers trying to make an extra buck at your expense. So, dear ladies, it is time you equip yourself with what it takes to avoid Barbie hair and get the right extensions for yourself. That’s right – you need to know how to spot top quality, genuine nail tip human hair extensions in the market. Here is how you can do that:

Check the price

Real nail tip human hair extensions are reasonably pricey, especially the ones that are high in quality and responsibly sourced. Just a look at the price tag of the product alone will give you a clear indication of whether it’s made of human hair or cheap quality Barbie hair. If you ever spot an unbelievably large discount on real human hair extensions, take it as a red flag.

Research the seller

The best way to ensure that you are buying real human hair extensions is to choose a reliable seller that will only provide you with genuine products. Check the reviews left by previous buyers about a particular product/brand/seller and find out all you can about how the hair extensions are going to turn out. This step will protect you from a bad purchase experience.

Test the hair

Synthetic Barbie hair don’t go well with regular styling tools. Just try and roll the tip of one strand on your curling iron. If you get a burning smell from the hair, chances are it is synthetic. Same goes with normal shampoos and hair cleaning products. Nail tip human hair extensions react to hair products just like natural hair do. If your product doesn’t do it, just return it to your seller.

Keep these tips in mind when buying nail tip human hair extensions and avoid synthetic Barbie hair at all costs. You don’t want to waste your money on a useless product, right?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Sassy or Luxurious: Have it All with Remy Hair Extensions

That awesome hairdo on the cover of the latest fashion magazine doesn’t have to be a dream for someday. If natural hair is too short, not quite full enough or lacks the high- or lowlights required to create a dream style, Remy hair extensions can solve the problem instantly. Depending on the length selected, Remy human hair extensions can help just about anyone create the sassy or luxurious styles they desire.

Remy hair extensions provide a temporary way to alter hair’s appearance, texture, volume and even colour. These additions are available in a variety of colours and lengths and may even be cut once applied to achieve a particular look. Depending on the type selected, they can be used to increase volume, add a touch of length or even produce a few pops of colour. Here are just a few things that are must-knows when selecting and using these extensions:

•Remy hair extensions are different – Remy hair extensions are bundled specifically so that hair follicles are placed in the same direction. This tedious process results in extension strands that look and feel more natural. They also help prevent tangling, which is an important consideration for protecting natural hair from damage.

•Human hair is the best way to go – Remy human hair extensions will cost people more than synthetics, but the difference is worth it. These extensions look more natural, because they are. In addition, human hair extensions can be treated and styled exactly like natural hair if they are affixed using semi-permanent techniques.

•The tips matter – If there is a desire to create a one-time hairdo or only to use extensions once in a while, clip ins are the way to go. The application process required for clips ins is so simple, most people can do their own styling. If the plan is to use extensions on a daily basis, nail tips, Nano tips or other semi-permanent application processes should be selected. Semi-permanent extensions may require a little help to ensure adhesives are properly heated, for example.

Remy hair extensions provide an instant way for people to change the look and volume of their styles. Waiting for hair to grow out or hoping it will grow in thicker isn’t necessary when the right extensions are selected.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Benefits of Choosing 100% Human Hair Extensions in UK

Just because nature didn’t bless a person with a long, voluminous head of hair doesn’t mean the situation cannot be addressed with ease and perfection. Transforming an ordinary head of hair into a thick, flowing mane is more than possible thanks to extensions. Women and men who want the most natural, stylish look, however, will find that only 100% human hair extensions deliver the desired results.

While there are other options available, choosing 100% human hair extensions in UK salons will deliver benefits that synthetic strands simply cannot. Here are just a few of the reasons why 100% human hair extensions is better:

•The natural look provided – No matter how well made synthetic strands are, they simply cannot rival the beauty, shine and fullness of human strands. When only the most natural of looks will do, there is simply no substitute for human hair extensions.

•The ease of care – Synthetic strands typically require special care to maintain and keep in place. When human hair extensions are used, wearers don’t have to worry about that. Human hair strands can be brushed, washed and conditioned just like a person’s natural hair.

•The ease of styling – Synthetic strands are subject to damage rather easily. They cannot be exposed to heat, for example. That makes normal styling with a blow dryer, hot rollers or iron off limits while synthetic extensions are in place. Human hair extensions can be styled with ease and no concern for melting or damage.

•The lifespan – When 100% human hair extensions are selected in UK salons, wearers will find they tend to last longer than synthetic designs. In most cases, human extensions will remain in place and look fantastic for months without any cause for concern. This is especially so if nail tip extensions are selected. Since synthetic extensions are subject to damage, their lifespan tends to be much shorter.

Hair extensions add instant volume, length and body, but they are not created alike. When only the most natural look will do, it is important to seek out 100% human hair extensions. In UK salons and elsewhere, this distinct option delivers the looks and lasting quality discerning consumers demand.