Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Five Benefits of Using 100 Human Hair Extensions in the UK

Human hair extensions are popular in the UK because of the all-natural look they provide. There are many different products under this category, making the selection process daunting and challenging if you have no idea what to look for. When in doubt, consider 100 human hair extensions in the UK, which means that they are made of 100 percent real human hair. Here are five reasons why you should consider them:

1. Natural-looking – Most of us would wear hair extensions to increase length and/or volume in the most discreet manner that will be inconspicuous to the naked eye. The main advantage of using 100 human hair extensions in the UK is that they blend naturally with your real hair, so no one should suspect that you are wearing them, unlike when you are wearing synthetic shiny extensions. Just be sure to get them in a colour that matches your current hair colour for a consistent look.

2. Easy to style – You cannot style some types of synthetic extensions as they are not that heat-resistant. 100 percent human hair extensions are easier to style, whether you want to wear your hair straight or curly, or even wavy.

3. Easy to maintain – Keep 100 human hair extensions in the UK in good condition by washing them with mild shampoo and letting them dry naturally. You can apply Moroccan oil to the strands to keep them properly moisturised, too. Doing so prolongs their lifespan, even when they are constantly exposed to hot hair styling devices like hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers.

4. Safe to dye – Did you buy human hair extensions in a lighter colour that does not match yours? You can dye them yourself, or take help from a professional hairstylist.

5. Cheaper in the long run – Though 100 human hair extensions in the UK may cost a bit more at first, they last longer so you do not have to worry about throwing them away to buy another set. You can save money in the long run.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Choose Remy Hair Extensions to Get Beautiful Long Hair

Remy hair extensions are human hair extensions that are made from actual human hair as opposed to synthetic hair or animal hair, which tend to fall apart quickly within weeks of wear. Clip in Remy hair extensions UK are high quality hair extensions that holds much better than cheap non-human hair extensions. It gives you better value for your money by ensuring longevity and low maintenance. Remy hair extensions are different to virgin hair extensions in that they are treated hair as opposed to being untouched by chemicals. Remy hair is a popular type of human hair extension because of its quality and price.

Clip in Remy hair extensions UK can remain intact up to a year of use. They are able to blend undetectably with natural hair, making them great alternatives to virgin hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are made with real human hair with the cuticles still intact. Processed properly, Remy hair ensures no matting and tangling, making the extensions appear like natural, healthy hair that blends well with the wearer’s natural looks.

High quality clip in Remy hair extensions UK are typically collected directly from a donor’s head, often cut away in a ponytail from one donor, retaining the full length of the hair’s strands, and ensuring relatively uniform hair quality. This particular collection processes helps make sure that cuticles stay aligned, resulting in a more natural looking set of extensions. Remy hair is available all over the world, although it usually comes from regions like Asia, particularly India, and Europe. True Remy hair isn’t prone to tangling and blends perfectly with natural hair. However, like every other type of hair extension, Remy hair is processed and produced in many different ways, which typically determine their quality and longevity. Newer and less harsh methods of processing Remy hair are now available, ensuring better quality hair extensions.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

3 Most Common Types of Hair Extensions in UK

Hair extensions have now become a staple accessory in the beauty industry owing to their versatility and styling ability. If you want long and thick hair quick, hair extensions are the answer. Women are going gaga over this technique, and it is because of this popularity that innovations are making hair extensions easier to install each time. Here are three most common types of hair extensions in the UK.

Type #1: Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions is the most commonly used and the most popular kind of hair extensions. They serve the “emergency” purpose – a next-day event where you want to look fabulous, or a two-three-day event where you want long hair. They are easy to install and doable by self. You don’t need to visit a salon. They last typically for a day or two.

Type #2: Micro loops

Micro-loops hair extensions are gaining popularity because they do not damage the scalp and the hair. They are by far the safest technique available for a long-term hair extension solution. These extensions contain a copper loop at one end which is fastened to the hair strands to install. There is no heat or glue involved anywhere which is what makes this method safe.

Type #3: Nail tips

Nail tip hair extensions contain strands of hair that are glued at one end which makes it look like the tip of a nail. They can be installed by melting the keratin glue which is present on the tip. Since there is heat involved in the process, professional hands are required to carry it out. These extensions last long and look natural.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Give Natural Look to Your Hairs Will Real Human Hair Extensions

The time had passed when the market used to be flooded with synthetic products and substitutes for hair to add volume and length to natural human hair. While these products did add volume to thin hair, they were not all that long lasting and had the risk of being found out because of their tell-tale difference. Recently, there are hair extensions available in the market which are made out of real human hair collected ethically or through donations. If you are harrowed by the thought of which product to choose to get that voluminous tress, give a natural look to your hair with real human hair extensions.

The first fact about real human hair extensions in UK is that they are made from real hair – meaning that they will blend in well with your hair. There will not be that synthetic-y look or feel about them. Better yet, if you find the perfect match, you will be unable to pinpoint any difference between which part of your hair is your own and which is not!

The second fact is that real human hair is comparatively easy to care for than synthetic hair. Synthetics usually demand that extra mile to look their best. You may need to use specific haircare products that may end up damaging your natural hair. However, with real hair, you can use any hair care products that suit you.

The third fact is styling. It would be a pity to get in synthetic hair extensions and not be able to style them as you like, for fear of them getting damaged. On the contrary, real human hair can style in any way without a string of doubt.

All that natural look, style and care is within your reach: grab real hair extensions today!

Three Easy Steps to Choose the Right Hair Extension Aftercare Kit

Getting hair extensions in your hair is a big decision. It means transforming your looks into something completely new and fresh. You have been dreaming of long hair for quite a while now, and now that you finally have it, you are wondering how to care for it properly. While you may already know what caring for longer hair requires, it would not hurt to know about the exact measures you need to take for your newly acquired locks. Here is a blog elaborating three easy steps to choose the right hair extension aftercare kit.

Step 1: Type of hair extensions

The hair extension aftercare kit you are supposed to purchase depends on whether the hair installed is natural, human hair or synthetic hair. Haircare products depend on this factor; therefore, it is necessary to make sure of the material in the hair extensions first.

Step #2: Your natural hair

Caring for hair extensions does not mean that you ignore the needs of your natural hair completely. The aftercare kit for hair extensions comes in quite a wide variety – being made from different kinds of oils and essences. Which one suits your hair the best? This ought to narrow down your search for the best hair care for your extensions.

Step #3: Your hair type

Is your hair dry? Is it rough? Is it thick? It is essential to look for an aftercare kit that includes products which help you care for your natural hair. You may need to buy a hair extension aftercare kit which contains conditioners and hair treatment serums. Make sure you check this box before making the purchase.

Follow the steps listed above to make sure you buy the right hair extension aftercare kit!

Friday, 1 December 2017


If you are looking to add a little volume or length to your hair, clip-in Remy hair extensions are the perfect way to get instant results without having to make a commitment as huge as permanent hair bonding. These extensions are pretty easy to maintain and can even be put in place the DIY way – meaning that you can create just about any style you want with your hair without having to visit the salon even once! Wish to know more? Here is how you can put on clip-in Remy hair extensions on your own:

Step#1: Before you begin the process of placing your clip in Remy hair extensions, practice opening and closing them a few times so that you are well aware of the pressure you need to apply with your thumb to secure them in position.

Step#2: Start by dividing your hair in two with a clean horizontal line just a few inches above your neck. You can use a tail comb or your index finger for the purpose. Secure the upper section of your hair with a claw clip or hair tie.

Step#3: Check and ensure that all the clips in each weft of the extensions you are clipping in are in an open position.

Step#4: Start with the middle weft first. Slide the comb on the weft into your natural hair slowly and snap the extension shut. Repeat the same process as you move outwards on the extension on the left and right ride.

Step#5: Check to ensure that the weft lies flat on your scalp and is properly secured in place in your hair. You can ask a friend to properly inspect your clip in at this point.

Step#6: Loosen the hair you had tied above and make a horizontal division again about an inch above the first extension you placed in and repeat the process. Keep moving above on your head and attach wefts in place.

Step#7: Make a horizontal part above your ears to attach the side pieces in the same manner.

Step#8: Use a mirror or as a friend to inspect your installations to check if any wefts are showing

THAT’s how easy it is to put on clip in Remy hair extensions. Try it today!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Clip-in Remy hair extensions are truly the perfect way to achieve effortless volume and length in your hair without having to compromise on look and feel. Because they are made of Remy hair, you will get the same texture and aesthetics from the extensions like your natural locks and the clip-in feature makes them easy to install and remove. But what about styling? Do you always have to wear your hair down with these extensions or is there a way to style them in different up-dos? Here are 3 believable hair styles that you can pull off with clip-in Remy hair extensions that wouldn’t let it show that there is anything not-natural about your locks.

The half-up style

Start by layering your hair into three or four sections. Secure all the layers in place and start placing the clip-in extensions with two clips on them. Let one layer of your natural hair down and repeat the process with third clip of clip-in extensions. Let another layer down and place the four clip extensions in your hair. Now with the remaining layer of hair, start braiding your locks from both sides to meet in the centre. Try and position the braid in a way that it covers the roots of your clip-in extensions. And voila, you have the perfect half-up hair-do!

The side braids

Start by diving off a layer of your hair above your ear on the left side. Place two single clip extensions here in a slightly off-centre position. Let your hair down and divide off a new layer to place another set of single clip extensions. Divide off another layer and repeat the process again. Now sweep all your tresses, natural and extension, to your left side and create a beautiful, full and fluffy braid for you to rock with your new dress!

The pony tails

Who doesn’t love a voluminous pony tail on their head? Just brush up your hair to the place where you wish to tie up your ponytail. Slide your fingers in your hair above that location and place two single clip extensions. Divide off another layer just above the previous location and place another pair of single clips. Repeat the process a third time, working your way up towards your forehead. Now brush your hair back and tie them up in a fluffy ponytail, just below the place where you placed your first extension set.

What do you think - Isn’t it easy to style up your beautiful hair with clip-in Remy hair extensions?