Thursday, 29 June 2017

Experience Remy Hair Extensions for Hair Like Your Favourite Celebrity!

Flip through the pages of any entertainment industry magazine and one thing will become very clear: celebrities have awesome hair. Mimicking those hairstyles at home doesn’t have to be an impossible dream even if current body and length aren’t quite right. Remy hair extensions enable anyone to adopt the styles that make their favourite celebrities look so well-coiffed. 

Remy hair extensions are designed to enable people to fill out the fullness of their hair and/or add to its length. Remy extensions are one of the most popular choices on the market today for doing so because this distinct style tends to deliver a superior look by blending in beautifully with a person’s natural hair. Remy hair extensions are able to do so because:

•They are made from human hair – When only the most natural of looks will do, Remy hair extensions stand out as the best choice. These extensions are created using only natural human hair, which means they tend to blend in very well with a person’s own natural locks.

•They are correctly aligned – Remy hair extensions are created to prevent tangling and other concerns by ensuring that strands of hair are parallel to each other. The correct cuticle alignment enables easier brushing and prevents tangling.

•They are available in many lengths – Remy hair extensions are available in a diversity of lengths to ensure wearers can create the style they’re after. 

•They offer a diversity of colours – When matching natural hair colour is the desire, Remy hair extensions tend to deliver exceptional results. Since these extensions are made from real human hair, it is also feasible to dye them to fit the desired style.

•They can be styled – Synthetic hair extensions may not take well to the application of heat for drying or styling. Human hair extensions, however, can be washed and styled just like a person’s own natural head of hair.

Creating a hairdo worthy of a celebrity doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Remy hair extensions make it easy to replicate styles by adding natural-looking length and fullness. When these extensions are expertly placed, their natural beauty makes it impossible to tell which strands are Remy and which ones are a person’s own hair.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Choosing the Best Set of Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions

Nail tip hair extensions are durable and do not suffer embarrassing slippages in the middle of any social event.  This is primarily because of the manner in which they are bonded or affixed to the natural hair. This gives that glamourous look without having to constantly check if your hair is in place or has slipped off its tether. Let us take a close look at the best ways of choosing nail tip human hair extensions for adding length and volume to hair.

Strong keratin bonds are the need of the hour

Hair extensions that are fixed to natural hair needs to be fixed strongly. This will prevent the hair extensions from slipping down the natural hair, giving embarrassing moments. The best nail tip extensions sport keratin bonds, that will never give away. They will remain in place for a considerably long period without moving a millimetre off the natural hair. Removing the bonding is a simple affair with acetone.

Average thickness to match different thick hair

The thickness of the hair should also ideally be in a range where it will easily match either thick or thin hair. Reputed hair extensions are of the right thickness making it easy for blending the hair extensions with the natural hair without giving away the fact.  The ideal thickness also does not call for masking the differing thickness of hair. After fixing and styling the hair, there really would be no need for apprehensions of any kind.

Colour and length of hair to match natural hair
The colour of the nail tip extensions should be as close as possible to natural hair. The famous brands of hair extensions offer close to twenty different shades of hair extensions making it possible to match the natural hair shades. The length of the nail tip extensions should also be sufficient to help in creating different hair styles that demand either length or volume or both.  Straight Remy hair extensions are easy to style, offering great liberty to the stylist with their cuticle correct strands that do not get tangled or tousled easily.

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Experience the Difference of Wearing a Quality Remy Hair Extensions!

Regardless of the length of hair, there exists a possibility to go in for extra length and add extra volume.  A variety of options are available to get that extra length and volume. Remy hair extensions stand out with a lot of advantages over other hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are superior in quality across all parameters. Let us closely look at the advantages that Remy hair extensions offer.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions of high quality are available at affordable prices. They last longer and blend well with natural human hair. The reason behind this is that the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction from root to tip.  Remy hair extensions are collected from a single donor, therefore, the full length of strands are intact. This guarantees that the cuticle will stay aligned which results in high quality Remy hair.

Non Remy Hair Extensions

Non Remy hair extension on the other hand consist of hair that is collected from various donors from the floor of salons, temples and random suppliers. This will lead to the cuticles to run in different directions that will inevitably cause tangling, matting and shedding problems. To overcome this problem suppliers make use of heavy chemicals to crush the cuticles completely and then apply huge amount of silicon coating to make the hair soft and silky. Initially, such hair extensions appear soft and silky but after a few washes the silicon coating wears off leading to brittle hair with tangling and matting problems. This type of hair extensions will not tolerate colour treatment or heat.

Remy hair extensions are the extensions of choice for many users who swear by its quality. The colour, texture and cuticle correct nature of the extensions make them blend in with natural hair easily. Hair extensions, are intended to improve appearance without damaging existing hair. And Remy Hair extensions offer compelling reasons to choose it over other brands. This includes the ability to enhance appearance without damaging hair. Remy hair extensions also take lesser time and are easy to affix and remove after use.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Different Ways to Wear Your Human Hair Extensions

Styling hair is as important as having long and voluminous hair. It is all about achieving that stunning look with the right hairdo. Confidence to try out a hairdo will stem from having the required volume, length and appearance of hair. Once you have chosen the right kind of hair extension, you would next like to go for the best hairstyles. Throw your head back with confidence and carry your style with panache after going through the three easily attainable styles described below.

Straight, long hair for that classic look
One style that will never fall out of favour with hair stylists is that classic straight look.  By affixing the hair extensions beneath the crown it is possible to add length to natural hair in addition to volume. The use of a soft brush to blend the natural hair with the extension is all that is required after the fixing. The two will admirably combine to present smooth straight hair with a nice natural look. The use of a good hairspray over the hair will complete the look.

For that appealing tousled look
Nothing is more appealing than a tousled look. Getting that look is easy with hair extensions. The natural hair needs to be first curled to create a nice wavy look. The application of a hairspray will help to hold the hair together, yet in a flexible manner. The hair extensions need to be later methodically fixed beneath the hair, so as to cover the entire head. The natural hair and the affixed hair should then be intertwined gently. This can be accomplished by using the fingers systematically. It needs to be done in a manner to ensure that the hair does not get entangled or matted.

Create a cool look with a lengthy side braid
Braided hair is never out of fashion. It acquires different styles but its essence remains the same. The hair extensions need to be fixed underneath the layers of hair just near the crown. This will create a lot of volume for braiding. Once the desired volume has been achieved, the natural hair and the hair extension can be braided to create a lovely side braid. A colourful band will help create a contrast.

Hair extensions can last for long if handled properly. The right brand of hair extensions that do not get entangled easily are to be chosen always. This will ensure that a situation is not created where it becomes difficult to separate the natural hair from the artificial one.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tips to buy The Best Nano Hair Extensions

As nano became all pervasive in personal care, it was only a question of time before it overhauled hair extensions. Nano hair extensions have weaved magic in hair extensions. A combination of the best cuticles with miniscule rings have lent a lustrous look to locks of hair. A few tips will surely assist you in getting the right nano hair extensions and maintaining your hair for long. Unveiling a few hacks for that voluminous look everyone deeply desires.

Choose nano rings of a colour that blend with your hair
True, it may not be always possible to get nano rings of the exact shade to match your hair colour. But, you need to get something close to the hair colour. Because, despite its size and shape and location, nano rings may at times get exposed due to heavy winds or movement. Though it is very rare, it is a possibility. Nano rings that are close in colour will ensure that momentary glimpses do not reveal the rings.

Buy a full pack to avoid future mismatches
The requirement per head for nano hair extensions will actually top off at around eight or nine bundles. However, it is always a good idea to go in for a pack that has sufficient bundles. Because, once the colours are matched, you needn’t have to go scouting for additional bundles of same shade and texture.  When it’s time to replace, you will have replacements readily available.

Look for stores that accept conditional returns
While ordering online, it is possible that the shade you’ve ordered appears different from what you need. You will be left in possession of extensions that may not be suitable. A store that accepts conditional returns will be the ideal place to shop. This will ensure that if you need a change in colour or need to return, you interests are protected.

The right kit of nano hair extensions can get you hair that swishes naturally. You can do your hair in styles that you desire and trim everything together to get the perfect uniform look. If you’re having sparse hair, thin strands of lack lustre hair, then nano hair extensions will surely turn things around. Lustrous hair, in addition to giving confidence, adds glamour and transforms looks. Being less endowed is not a reason for trying out available means to appear good looking.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pros and Cons of Buying Remy Hair Extensions for Women

Hair has always been called the crowning beauty of a woman. And it is definitely not without reason. Hair defines beauty. Those who have not been well endowed have a reason to cheer. Remy Hair extensions are an accessory for women who wish to enhance looks. Those who wish to experiment with various hairstyles for different occasions can do so unrestrained.  Hair extensions are not just for women who have issues with the appearance of their hair.  

Unmatched quality of human hair extension
Remy Hair Extensions are made of human hair sans chemicals, unlike synthetic hair extensions which are made from chemicals. Though cheaper, synthetic hair is hard to work with and never feels natural.  In just a couple of outings, synthetic hair extensions lose their lustre, becoming unmanageable and clearly not worth the effort. Whereas, human hair extensions are fully flexible. They are easy to work with and can help fashion into curls or straight hairdo, enhancing beauty naturally.

Extensive range of human hair extensions

Hair extensions come in various shapes and colours to meet varied needs of women of different age groups and ethnicity.  It caters to each one according to their hair type and hairdo needs. From a wide range of hair extensions, be it clip in, tape in etc., it is possible to match and mix with original hair for an amazing makeover. The extensions are safe and never cause damage to the original hair with which it is blended. 

Quality outweighs price difference, turns out economical in long run

Quality comes at a price. Despite being comparatively costly, it is the very symbol of quality.  It actually is more viable in the long run. You need not have to go in for many replacements. A cheaper product will definitely require replacements, making them costlier than Remy.  In addition, the look and feel of Remy hair extensions cannot be matched by synthetic extensions.   

Choosing the right hair extension goes a long way in creating a natural look that is beautiful. A makeover should give confidence to the wearer, never creating a moment of awkwardness.  Remy hair extensions do not damage natural hair but help in accentuating their looks. The growth of normal hair is never impeded. Remy hair extensions provide its users with an assurance of quality that is unrivalled. Go ahead, try out one of those hairdos you’ve always wanted. Gain confidence, naturally.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Human Hair Extensions: Create Beautiful Long Hair Styles Instantly

Getting hair extensions is one of the few methods that can make a drastic change in your appearance overnight. There are plenty of techniques of putting in hair extensions and all of them are useful to give you long luscious locks in a few hours, even if you actually have shoulder-length hair. However, before you go about finding the technique that would be the most suitable for you and choosing the application method, there are some more important things to consider. The first decision you need to make is the type of hair extensions you want – synthetic or human hair.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose human hair extensions to create beautiful long hairstyles instantly:

Looks Natural: Human hair extensions look far more natural than the synthetic options. They blend with your natural hair and give the appearance of naturally voluminous hair. Remy hair is the finest quality human hair in which cuticles are not stripped. This way, the hair aligns unidirectionally, giving you a natural look. This is why Remy human hair extensions are the best choice for a natural look.

Long-lasting: These hair extensions last for a long time if maintained properly. They can be used regularly and cleaned like natural hair with shampoo and conditioner to maintain their quality. They are also quite easy to style using standard styling tools. You can go for braids, beachy waves or pin-straight hair with human hair extensions.

Easy to Maintain: Human hair extensions are easy to maintain since they can be cleaned, washed and styled like normal hair. They are silky, smooth and soft and remain so for a year or more if maintained well. You can apply any good quality hair care products that you use on your own hair to these extensions.

Human hair extensions of all kinds are created to withstand regular brushing, washing and styling. They are quite suitable for long hairstyles whether you like to do half updos, french braids, fishtail braids or other styles. They are costlier when compared to the upfront cost of synthetic hair extensions. However, human hair extensions last longer and give better returns on investment in the long term.