Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tips to buy The Best Nano Hair Extensions

As nano became all pervasive in personal care, it was only a question of time before it overhauled hair extensions. Nano hair extensions have weaved magic in hair extensions. A combination of the best cuticles with miniscule rings have lent a lustrous look to locks of hair. A few tips will surely assist you in getting the right nano hair extensions and maintaining your hair for long. Unveiling a few hacks for that voluminous look everyone deeply desires.

Choose nano rings of a colour that blend with your hair
True, it may not be always possible to get nano rings of the exact shade to match your hair colour. But, you need to get something close to the hair colour. Because, despite its size and shape and location, nano rings may at times get exposed due to heavy winds or movement. Though it is very rare, it is a possibility. Nano rings that are close in colour will ensure that momentary glimpses do not reveal the rings.

Buy a full pack to avoid future mismatches
The requirement per head for nano hair extensions will actually top off at around eight or nine bundles. However, it is always a good idea to go in for a pack that has sufficient bundles. Because, once the colours are matched, you needn’t have to go scouting for additional bundles of same shade and texture.  When it’s time to replace, you will have replacements readily available.

Look for stores that accept conditional returns
While ordering online, it is possible that the shade you’ve ordered appears different from what you need. You will be left in possession of extensions that may not be suitable. A store that accepts conditional returns will be the ideal place to shop. This will ensure that if you need a change in colour or need to return, you interests are protected.

The right kit of nano hair extensions can get you hair that swishes naturally. You can do your hair in styles that you desire and trim everything together to get the perfect uniform look. If you’re having sparse hair, thin strands of lack lustre hair, then nano hair extensions will surely turn things around. Lustrous hair, in addition to giving confidence, adds glamour and transforms looks. Being less endowed is not a reason for trying out available means to appear good looking.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pros and Cons of Buying Remy Hair Extensions for Women

Hair has always been called the crowning beauty of a woman. And it is definitely not without reason. Hair defines beauty. Those who have not been well endowed have a reason to cheer. Remy Hair extensions are an accessory for women who wish to enhance looks. Those who wish to experiment with various hairstyles for different occasions can do so unrestrained.  Hair extensions are not just for women who have issues with the appearance of their hair.  

Unmatched quality of human hair extension
Remy Hair Extensions are made of human hair sans chemicals, unlike synthetic hair extensions which are made from chemicals. Though cheaper, synthetic hair is hard to work with and never feels natural.  In just a couple of outings, synthetic hair extensions lose their lustre, becoming unmanageable and clearly not worth the effort. Whereas, human hair extensions are fully flexible. They are easy to work with and can help fashion into curls or straight hairdo, enhancing beauty naturally.

Extensive range of human hair extensions

Hair extensions come in various shapes and colours to meet varied needs of women of different age groups and ethnicity.  It caters to each one according to their hair type and hairdo needs. From a wide range of hair extensions, be it clip in, tape in etc., it is possible to match and mix with original hair for an amazing makeover. The extensions are safe and never cause damage to the original hair with which it is blended. 

Quality outweighs price difference, turns out economical in long run

Quality comes at a price. Despite being comparatively costly, it is the very symbol of quality.  It actually is more viable in the long run. You need not have to go in for many replacements. A cheaper product will definitely require replacements, making them costlier than Remy.  In addition, the look and feel of Remy hair extensions cannot be matched by synthetic extensions.   

Choosing the right hair extension goes a long way in creating a natural look that is beautiful. A makeover should give confidence to the wearer, never creating a moment of awkwardness.  Remy hair extensions do not damage natural hair but help in accentuating their looks. The growth of normal hair is never impeded. Remy hair extensions provide its users with an assurance of quality that is unrivalled. Go ahead, try out one of those hairdos you’ve always wanted. Gain confidence, naturally.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Human Hair Extensions: Create Beautiful Long Hair Styles Instantly

Getting hair extensions is one of the few methods that can make a drastic change in your appearance overnight. There are plenty of techniques of putting in hair extensions and all of them are useful to give you long luscious locks in a few hours, even if you actually have shoulder-length hair. However, before you go about finding the technique that would be the most suitable for you and choosing the application method, there are some more important things to consider. The first decision you need to make is the type of hair extensions you want – synthetic or human hair.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose human hair extensions to create beautiful long hairstyles instantly:

Looks Natural: Human hair extensions look far more natural than the synthetic options. They blend with your natural hair and give the appearance of naturally voluminous hair. Remy hair is the finest quality human hair in which cuticles are not stripped. This way, the hair aligns unidirectionally, giving you a natural look. This is why Remy human hair extensions are the best choice for a natural look.

Long-lasting: These hair extensions last for a long time if maintained properly. They can be used regularly and cleaned like natural hair with shampoo and conditioner to maintain their quality. They are also quite easy to style using standard styling tools. You can go for braids, beachy waves or pin-straight hair with human hair extensions.

Easy to Maintain: Human hair extensions are easy to maintain since they can be cleaned, washed and styled like normal hair. They are silky, smooth and soft and remain so for a year or more if maintained well. You can apply any good quality hair care products that you use on your own hair to these extensions.

Human hair extensions of all kinds are created to withstand regular brushing, washing and styling. They are quite suitable for long hairstyles whether you like to do half updos, french braids, fishtail braids or other styles. They are costlier when compared to the upfront cost of synthetic hair extensions. However, human hair extensions last longer and give better returns on investment in the long term.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

20 Inch Hair Extensions – Give a Stunning Look to Your Beauty

For every woman in the world, her hair is one of the most prized possessions she has. No matter how fashion conscious she might be, in her heart, every woman desires to have a perfect mane of beautiful, luscious hair. And when it comes to styling them, her mind will run at the speed of light with a million of questions - What to buy in accessories? How to style her hair? How to add more funkiness to her look? Should she try hair extensions? What type to go for?

Does it sound like your own personal story? If yes, then allow us to introduce you to the world of 20 inch hair extensions – the perfect way to give a stunning look to your beauty and create chic, elegant hairstyles without much effort!

Not everyone is blessed with long and shiny hair, but that doesn’t mean you would not love to look glamorous and gorgeous, with all eyes turning to admire your amazing hair. There are a variety of hair extensions which you can use to beautify your hair into a trendy style. The most preferred variety is the 20 inch hair extension for creating that long and bouncy look.

20inch hair extensions are quite easy to use, maintain and attach plus, they are available in different quality and types, the best being Remy hair. You will have a huge variety to choose from to match your existing hair type and create a flawless, natural looking, long hairstyle for yourself. 20 Inch hair extension comes with a weft and a clip. They usually are available in a set of 7 to 9 wefts in the market. If needed, you can use all to give a full, voluminous and vivacious look to your hair.

20 inch hair extension is incredibly versatile and can be set naturally to accentuate the elegance of your personality.  If you have short hair, they can be used to give splendidly long, heavy and bouncy look this style can further add-up the charm even more. They are highly durable as well which makes them quite pliable for hair styling.

So, enjoy all the charms of a long, luscious mane of hair without the maintenance woes with 20 inch hair extensions. Have fun styling yourself!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Benefits of Micro Loop Hair Extensions

The micro loop extensions are one of the most-used methods to get a healthier bounce and shine to our natural mane. The use of micro rings or loops to add on to the extensions is widely appreciated and well-practiced all over the world.

The micro ring extension method uses a small loop or ring, usually made out of metal or silicone. The rings provide a base into which the natural hair and the Remy extensions are pulled together and wrapped up to fix the extensions. Once the extensions and your natural tresses are pulled into the ring, they are closed tied, to provide support for the extensions. Since both your extensions and natural hair are inside the ring, it helps the extension stay put and blend well into your hair.

Now, here are a list of benefits that makes micro-rings one of the most-favoured extension accessories.

a.    The micro –ring application is simple and takes lesser time to apply, redo or remove.

b.    The micro rings come in various colours, especially the silicone loops. So, when you match up the rings exactly to the colour of the extensions, they will be camouflaged effectively.

c.    The micro rings are available in various sizes, ranging from 4mm to 5mm. So, one can choose them according to their requirements.

d.    The micro ring extensions do not damage your natural hair, since their application as well as removal, is simple.

e.    The silicone micro rings are softer on the scalp and do not cause any undue irritation, while in use.

f.    Also, when you are done with the extensions or would love to change it for a different style, all you need to do is to open the clip on the ring and take out the old extensions to redo it with the new one.

With so many advantages, the micro ring extensions find favour with several celebrated hairstylists across the world and remain as Number one in the field of extensions.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Remy Hair Extensions - lustrous for a longer period

Hair extensions that give you a natural bounce and shine are a welcome addition to your beauty. Remy hair extensions are world-renowned for their natural shine, lustre and low maintenance costs.

Remy's hair is the product that are made out of highest grade human hair, and thus, is one of the most popular product used in hair extensions. Since Remy uses natural human hair, it can blend into the user’s mane, and look gorgeous.

The Remy hair extensions are manufactured by preserving the natural hair cuticles and aligning them together, parallelly to produce a stunning effect. Preserving the original hair cuticles and its lustre helps in imitating its bounce and shine, which none of the artificial hair extensions can deliver. The preserving part also lets the hair remain tangle free, and retain its natural appearance for a much longer time, making extensions of Remy's hair cost effective.

An essential aspect of extensions is that apart from adding length, volume and bounce, they should also ideally merge with your mane. With the kind of micro clip and keratin bonding, the Remy hair can firmly adhere to your head, and look both natural and beautiful.

So, if you are going for extensions, ensure that the stylist uses only the highest quality Remy products, to enjoy its suppleness and original sleek appearance. You can also purchase Remy hair through any of the specialised online stores.

There are several types of Remy hair products available at the online store. You can either go for a nail tip extension or a stick tip mane, to style your hair to your heart’s content.

Thus, remember that only a naturally preserved and original quality Remy hairs can give you the effect you envisage when you opt for extensions. Buy genuine products, to enjoy the effect it brings to your appearance.