Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Make You Look Beautiful and Party-Ready

There are many different types of glues and adhesives used for bonding hair extensions. From plant based glues to keratin and petroleum based adhesives, you have a wide array of bonding agents to choose from if you want beautifully extended locks. Pre-bonding is a modern technique for applying hair extensions. It requires a special application machine, which works to soften the bond before application to the natural hair.

Hair extensions are attractive hair lengthening options for many women who wish to have longer or more voluminous hair. They are great for those who take a long time to re-grow a mane as well as those who don't have a naturally thick head of hair. Braiding, weaving, and clipping are common techniques for applying hair extensions, but more people are turning to bonding or gluing because of its lasting effects. Extensions are also advantageous because they can be used to style hair in a wide variety of ways without the process taking a toll on the natural hair, thus preventing damage on the wearer's real locks. Contrary to what others may believe, applying hair extensions also doesn't cause damage to the scalp or hair, especially when done properly and with great care.

Pre bonded hair extensions can last as long as 6 months with proper maintenance. With additional TLC, you can even keep your long locks for longer. A common mistake that people make with hair extensions is trying to apply them on their own, resulting in damaged natural hair. If you don't have time or the budget to visit a professional and experienced technician/beautician, at least have someone you trust help you with your DIY kit. Applying hair extensions is a lengthy process, especially if you want perfect, voluminous hair, which is why it is best to let experienced hands handle its application. After care is also important so be sure to read up on the proper ways to take care of your extensions.

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