Thursday, 28 January 2016

Benefits of Micro Loop Hair Extensions

The micro loop extensions are one of the most-used methods to get a healthier bounce and shine to our natural mane. The use of micro rings or loops to add on to the extensions is widely appreciated and well-practiced all over the world.

The micro ring extension method uses a small loop or ring, usually made out of metal or silicone. The rings provide a base into which the natural hair and the Remy extensions are pulled together and wrapped up to fix the extensions. Once the extensions and your natural tresses are pulled into the ring, they are closed tied, to provide support for the extensions. Since both your extensions and natural hair are inside the ring, it helps the extension stay put and blend well into your hair.

Now, here are a list of benefits that makes micro-rings one of the most-favoured extension accessories.

a.    The micro –ring application is simple and takes lesser time to apply, redo or remove.

b.    The micro rings come in various colours, especially the silicone loops. So, when you match up the rings exactly to the colour of the extensions, they will be camouflaged effectively.

c.    The micro rings are available in various sizes, ranging from 4mm to 5mm. So, one can choose them according to their requirements.

d.    The micro ring extensions do not damage your natural hair, since their application as well as removal, is simple.

e.    The silicone micro rings are softer on the scalp and do not cause any undue irritation, while in use.

f.    Also, when you are done with the extensions or would love to change it for a different style, all you need to do is to open the clip on the ring and take out the old extensions to redo it with the new one.

With so many advantages, the micro ring extensions find favour with several celebrated hairstylists across the world and remain as Number one in the field of extensions.

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